Vraag de nieuwsbrief aan en blijf op de hoogte van Golfclub Heelsum

Proef door studenten van de WUR

Dear Golfer,
We are setting up field trials at Heelsum GC to investigate if we can encourage desirable grass species to outcompete weeds without using herbicides. One strategy to keep weeds out of fairways is to maintain a dense turfgrass sward. Therefore, we think better natural weed control can be achieved by adjusting mowing heights and fertiliser rates. For our experiment we will use four fertiliser rates (0, 50, 100 and 200 kg/N/ha/yr) and two mowing heights (15 mm and 8 mm). Half of the plots will be overseeded with weeds to investigate if a weed infested area can be returned to grass dominace by only using fertiliser and cutting. The other half of the plots will not receive any weeds, to investigate if grass dominance can be maintained over 2 years if herbicides are banned.
We picked Heelsum GC, because you have a lot of fescues in your fairways. Festuca is a very low input grass species and additionally produces allelopathic chemicals to suppress weeds naturally. The field trial was set up at two fairways (Airborne 4 and Helsum 8).
Each trial is 16 m x 20 m. These areas will be open to play, however we will put down some plastic markers permanently to mark out the corners of each plot (80 plastic markers per trial, which will be placed as close to the soil as possible, to not interfere with mowing). There are signs to inform golfers about the trial. I am planning to display results at the site, so members can track the progress of my research.
Kind regards Daniel Hahn
PhD candidate at Wageningen University (WUR) Centre for Crop Systems Analysis (CSA)
Proef door studenten van de WUR